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Our single strategy & multi-asset funds explained

Our role as an expert investment manager

You have your own unique goals for the future, and we can help you invest with the aim of turning those plans into reality.

We look after assets worth billions of pounds for individual, intermediary and institutional clients. We have expertly managed single-strategy funds covering a range of key global asset classes, from UK smaller companies to global bonds, and we also offer risk-graded multi-asset portfolios for a more hands off approach.

Single strategy funds

Our single strategy funds focus on one particular type of investment asset to deliver the best performance for investors in these assets.

Some single strategy funds will have a wide remit – for example, covering the whole US stock market. Others will be more specialist – for example, focusing purely on UK smaller companies or technology stocks.

Multi-asset portfolios

Multi-asset portfolios offer you an expertly managed ‘all-in-one’ investment solution. Instead of you having to select a series of different funds investing in specific individual asset classes (such as UK shares, overseas shares and bonds), a multi-asset portfolio does all of this for you.

Our portfolios are managed by our professional investment team, who adjust the mix of assets as market conditions change. So you can relax knowing this is being taken care of by our experts.