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David Walton highlights opportunities in Europe

Marlborough European Special Situations Manager David Walton has talked to Trustnet about how he runs the award-winning fund and why he sees a particular opportunity in smaller companies.


He said the strongest opportunities to identify undervalued companies can be found among small and micro-cap stocks because managers of large funds often do not look at businesses with a stock market value below £250m.

These are the businesses David and his team favour and once they identify companies for the portfolio they seek to hold them for the long term to allow them to develop and grow.

David said the stock market in Europe is underdeveloped compared to the US and UK and that the size of the region’s equity markets relative to national GDP is also lower. All of this contributes to the opportunity he and the team see in European equities.

He added that the European equity market was experiencing headwinds, but sometimes investing when the sky is cloudy can provide stronger long-term opportunities.

You can read the article here.

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