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Eustace Santa Barbara's view on: Why we believe UK smaller companies present a compelling long-term opportunity

We are passionate believers in the superior long-term growth potential of the UK’s smaller companies and in our view current valuations offer a rare opportunity for investors.  


While smaller companies can be more volatile, we believe the flurry of M&A activity at this end of the market demonstrates that private equity houses and trade buyers share our view about the exceptional value on offer.  

We have seen signs that sentiment is improving and we expect this to continue as the path of interest rate cuts becomes clearer. We also welcome moves by politicians to encourage investment by pension funds into smaller growth companies, as part of plans to revitalise the UK stock market.  

We believe that high-quality smaller companies, many of them in industries benefitting from powerful structural growth trends, can continue to outperform their larger counterparts over the long term.  

Our view is that the current disconnect between valuations and company fundamentals will not last forever – but that, while it exists, it presents a potentially rare opportunity.

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