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Our platform: Empowering investors to reach their goals

More than platform technology, a partnership

Our platform combines technology with a partnership approach to working with forward-thinking financial advisers.

While you and your clients enjoy all the benefits of a platform solution designed for their needs, we’ll share decades of experience of working with advisers to help you increase the value of your business.

Making a difference through our partnership approach

At the Marlborough Group we’ve been working with like-minded advisers for more than 35 years, helping them succeed and grow by providing first-class service and outcomes for their clients. This client-first focus and partnership approach is at the heart of what we do – and how we can make a difference for your clients, and your business.

Our Technology

Our platform uses innovative technology to provide next-generation functionality. It harnesses the power of automation and advanced analytics to save you valuable time, integrating seamlessly with your back-office systems and favoured analytical tools.

This reduces the need to enter data more than once – thus saving time and increasing business efficiency. Our platform uses the latest cloud-based micro services architecture so we can add new functionality for you and your clients – without the need for frustrating downtime. And we’re continually exploring new ways to use our technology to help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Digital first

In a digital age our platform provides digital solutions, rather than time-consuming hybrids. So, for example, when your clients join the platform there are no forms to print and post – the whole process is completed online.

Seamless integration

Our platform makes full use of the latest Application Programming Interface (API) technology to integrate seamlessly with your back-office systems and your chosen online business tools. This increases business efficiency, while also providing a smooth, effortless solution for your clients.

Exceptional service

We believe our eight key service principles are the key to delivering excellent customer service. These key principles are Speed, Accuracy, Clarity, Transparency, Accessibility, Empowerment, Courtesy and Efficiency. Our client service team have decades of experience working with advisers and their clients so they understand your needs and can help you meet the challenges of a fast-evolving industry.

Clarity and focus

We know what your business and your clients need from our platform, and we are sharply focused on providing precisely that. We avoid costly and rarely used optional extras and instead concentrate on providing exactly what you need at a competitive price.

Help us realise Difference Made for you with our all-in-one platform solution

It’s a digital-first, paperless platform that provides a smooth and highly intuitive experience for advisers and their clients.